Woow! I stopped smoking in 2 days!

Hey, it's Rudy again! I'd like to share with you how I stopped smoking.

Do you remember that a year ago I wanted to give up smoking and I was looking for advice?

Well, I tried all sorts of methods: e-cigs, pills, hypnosis, self-help books, etc. ALL OF THAT SUCKS. None of it helped. I was aching for a cigarette all the time. So all of these methods are simply useless.

My salvation was abrupt... and complete!

After a number of unsuccessful attempts at this, I simply resumed smoking. But very recently I came across a guy's blog; he managed to get rid of the compulsion with some sort of biomagnets, called RealQuit. So naturally I researched it.

This thing is basically two gold-plated biomagnets affecting a certain spot in your inner ear, responsible for your desire to smoke. Sort of like acupuncture, only without the needles.

So you affix 2 magnets in front of your ear and behind it, then you wear them for no more than a day, and the smoking compulsion IS GONE COMPLETELY AND IMMEDIATELY!

This isn't some psychological mumbo-jumbo, Alan Carr style but an actual biological influence on special points of effect within your ear. This will never be used in a clinic, because they'll probably lose clients. I think everyone can see how this could happen, given how successful and available outside clinics this method is.

In 40 minutes I started gagging at the very smell of cigarettes!

So I took a chance on these magnets and mere 2 days later I felt true DISGUST at the thought of smoking. A true physical disgust! I can't even describe it! I have NO DESIRE WHATSOEVER TO LIGHT UP A CIGARETTE. Two months now since I've used these magnets and I STILL DON'T FEEL THE NEED TO SMOKE .

I'm so grateful I finally got rid of the that godawful stench at my apartment, my bad breath, the yellow-tinged fingertips and my spotty teeth.

If someone's interested, there's an amazing website that offers the RealQuit magnets, validated and certified. Here's a link

They cost mere pennies and the overall price equals 10 packs of cigarettes. Now think about it: would you rather give 10 packs' worth of money and live healthfully for the rest of your life, or not? I think the questions answers itself.

Don't hesitate to order from the Internet!


For everyone that wants to stop smoking with the help of RealQuit. I want to stress once more how effective this product is, and how much cheaper than expensive clinical procedures!

Second, and very important, you're starting to feel woozy even if you smell cigarette smoke, but still, your head doesn't hurt like when you usually stop smoking. Honest word!!

It's been six weeks since I used this and I haven't smoked a single cigarette. I simply don't have the desire. My breath doesn't stink anymore. I'm so happy I've started using RealQuit's biomagnets; I'd even written a thank-you e-mail to the company. Everything about them is honest and upfront. The results are simply amazing, considering the price! So don't even think about it, order now! Then you can comment on the effect below. I'm waiting for your responses.

P.S. Here's what I got in the mail. You pay on delivery. . Everything is very fast and efficient, and the most important thing is, IT'S COMPLETELY LEGIT!

Here's the 1 year quality guarantee that I found online.

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David Jones
I've smoked since I was 15, but I managed to stop in 3 days. These magnets work! Thanks Rudy! ;-)
• 4 minutes ago
John Smith
Thanks Rudy, I got mine yesterday, everything's in order. I'll write up the results later.
• 6 minutes ago
Chris Lee
My brother lives in the States and he's been telling me how popular these magnets are over there. Everyone loves them!
• 7 minutes ago
Maria Bailey
Hey there! Your results are so inspiring! I'm ordering right now.
• 9 minutes ago
Mike Johnson
I put the magnets on, and it's true. I just don't want to smoke! A whole month now! It's incredible!
• 11 minutes ago
Jane Cox
Hi, Rudy! I've ordered and I'm awaiting the package.:)
• 12 minutes ago
Mark Williams
Rudy, your story's incredible! Congratulations! I've ordered some too!
• 15 minutes ago
Sarah Perry
Rudy, hi! I know all about those magnets; I used them 3 years ago, and I've been smoke-free ever since! Truly, a must-have for anyone who wants to quit smoking.
• 16 minutes ago
Anna Young
It's been all the rage in the US these last few years. It's helped every one of my friends. Definitely worth ordering.
• 19 minutes ago
Emy Cooper
Hey there! Another success story: 2 days I've been wearing these and I no longer feel the need to smoke. I'm speechless!!! Rudy, you're a life-saver!
• 21 minutes ago
Daniel Carlos
It's really helped me; been smoke-free almost a month!
• 22 minutes ago
James Smith
I've tried it, and it's helped! I threw away all my cigarettes, and I can finally breathe freely! Thank you!
• 27 minutes ago
Robert Joe
RealQuit is something that all Americans use over here. I don't know how it works exactly, but it really does!!!
• 34 minutes ago
Rob Cohen
I've bought this, and in 10 days I haven't had a single craving! . This truly helps!
• 39 minutes ago
George Williams
I know about these too. My ex-girlfriend had them for a while. She's still not smoking, as far as I know, so it's worth a try.
• 41 minutes ago
Peter Stewart
Rudy, I'm awaiting the package, already ordered it.
• 44 minutes ago
Steven Reed
I recommend this with all my heart. I no longer smoke. People, I. No longer. Smoke! Rudy, you rock!:)))
• 49 minutes ago
Sofia Garcia
At our office it's all they talk about, topic number one. Everyone has stopped smoking! I recommend it to one and all, it's fantastic!
• 50 minutes ago
Josh Cooper
Тhis isn't really news. Everyone knows about RealQuit. The ones who don't, just never had the urge to stop smoking. I did, and It was all with the help of RealQuit!
• 51 minutes ago
Martin Gray
Thanks for the post, good on you, Rudy, for stopping smoking. I've ordered already.
• 1 hour ago
Ron Harris
Just what I needed! Now all the smokers at work will be jealous, ha!
• 2 hours ago